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Utilities Design & Relocation

NORTH-STAR engineering team provides general engineering, high-tech consulting services engineering technologies to help clients build new facilities and retrofit existing ones multidisciplinary team of architects and engineers can provide multifaceted prospect innovative solutions.

High-tech consulting services include new facility design, existing facility retrofit, non testing, as well as numerical analyses utilizing ABAQUS, LS-DYNA, BLAST-FX and SA engineering analyses (time-history, vehicle crash, fluid structure interaction, soil-stru forensic analyses, etc.) can resolve your difficult decisions. Special engineering tech creative high-tech retrofit products can provide a broad array of full-service design-c to resist the ravages of both man-made terrorist attack and nature-made earthquake.

NORTH-STAR unique approach to the complex process of utilities relocation/installation has bee proven to be very effective, New construction and the protection, support, restoration, and rearrangement of utilities are always in conformance with the latest technical specifications and practices of the respective utility owner and the requirements of the project.

North-Star l clearly and correctly identifies and address the following information:

  • Utilities to be protected in place during construction and continued in service during and following construction.
  • Utilities to be reconstructed and then supported complete in place and continued in service during and following construction.
  • Utilities to be temporarily relocated and protected and/or supported, and then restored upon completion of construction.
  • Utilities to be permanently relocated beyond the immediate limits of construction.
  • Utilities to be abandoned and/or removed.
  • High risk utilities in close proximity of excavation or overhead construction work.
  • Existing utility right-of-way and properties which will need to be acquired for utility relocation, if any.
Stabilization   Roof Leakage Protection   Precast C Buildings
  • Field and laboratory analyses
  • Flume Stabilization Technology (FST)
  • Cool Roof analyses
  • Cool Roof Retrofit Technology (CRRT)
  • Blast-resist
  • Inexpensive

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